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From the more permanent options like microblading and nano brows to natural services like brow lamination and henna, we have everything you need to achieve your desired look. Our expert technician will enhance your eyebrows, giving them the perfect shape, definition, and color. Unleash your natural beauty and let your eyes shine with confidence. Not sure what's best for you? Book a free consultation to answer all your eyebrow questions! Experience the transformative power of perfectly sculpted brows.



nano brows



When choosing an eyebrow treatment, you must decide whether you want a makeup look or a natural-looking enhancement. If the answer is natural and you want so-called hair stroke brows, you can choose between nano brows vs microblading.
The main difference between nano brows and microblading boils down to technique, which then entails certain differences in the final results
Nano brows are done with a PMU machine – some artists call this treatment digital hair stroke brows or machine brows.
The PMU machine features an extremely fine needle, which vibrates and pierces the skin, depositing pigments in tiny dots that add up to strokes. The needle is very thin and enters the skin at a 90 degree angle, so it causes very little trauma to the skin.
Microblading is a manual technique.
A hand-held tool that features a thin blade made up of 12-16 needles is dragged through the skin. The blade is dipped in pigment, and it’s deposited into the tiny cuts. The microblading blade can be as thin as 0.18 mm or less. However, there’s less control over pressure and motion
There is less scabbing with nano brows than microblading, and the possibility of scarring is lower since the machine offers maximum speed and precision.

Microblading vs. Nano Brows






wax + shape

Enhance your natural beauty with Lip Blushing, a semi-permanent tattoo that adds color and shape to your lips. Our skilled technicians delicately deposit ink to give you fuller-looking lips while maintaining a natural appearance. Whether you desire a subtle hint of color or a bolder statement, Lip Blushing is the perfect solution. Experience the confidence that comes with perfectly defined lips. Say goodbye to smudged lipstick and hello to long-lasting beauty.

Lip Blushing & Eyeliner


Lip Blushing

Eyelash Enhancement




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