We offer a variety of Lash Services: Lash Lift, Lash Extensions & Lash Tint

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Lash tinting is an ideal way to quickly and easily darken and intensify the color of your lashes. It requires only a short appointment time and is low maintenance – no need for regular touch-ups! The process involves the application of a cream-based or vegetable-based dye onto your lashes which then sits for just 15 minutes before being removed. Eyelash tinting can provide dramatic results if you naturally have light or blonde eyelashes, as it will make them dramatically darker without the need for mascara.

The entire process takes roughly 30 minutes from start to finish, making it a convenient treatment. If you’re looking to switch up your look and add definition to your eyes, then lash tinting could be the perfect addition.


lash tinting

brow tinting



Lash Lift is an innovative revolutionary treatment that gives your existing eyelashes a lifted and curled effect. Unlike eyelash extensions or false eyelashes, the Lash Lift uses only your own lashes; it simply enhances them so they look more voluminous and invigorated. Optimum results can be expected to last up to two months, however this will vary depending on each individual person’s lash cycle. If you have straight lashes that need lifting, or downward pointing eyes which could benefit from uplifting, then the Lash Lift is the ideal procedure for you. It’s easy to maintain, minimizing time and effort required. You can even add mascara for a richer thickness and depth of color – but it should not be considered a necessity. The Lash Lift is the perfect way of achieving flawless long lasting eyelashes without having to commit to permanent extensions


keratin lash lift 

keratin lash lift + tint


basic lift

lift with tint




Eyelash Extensions are the perfect solution for enhancing your natural eyelashes. We offer different lash styles to suit YOUR eyes. Our most popular extension service is our natural looking lash sets, however we offer different volumes to match our customers preferences. For those looking to shake things up and really take their lashes to the next level, we offer a mega volume, that looks absolutely amazing! We also recommend keeping up with you refills every two to three weeks, to make sure they are look it’s best. 


mega volume

Classics + light volume hybrid



fills: $55

3 week fills: $65



fills: $65

3 week fills: $75



fills: $75

3 week fills: $85


Lash Removal $20

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